MUSIC practice

Ben Middeldorp has an organ and piano practice in Tiel and is teacher of music in the Cultural Centre Zinder in Tiel.


Together with his colleague Jonathan Kooman he organises monthly organ- and organplus concerts in the Saint Martin's Church in Tiel.


He has given concerts in various towns in the Netherlands, Belgium, Northern-France, former East-Germany, Sweden and Vancouver (Canada).


Together with the town-carilloneur Wim Ruitenbeek ( he gives double-concerts, with  a Mobile Carillon in the chruch (see youtube-recording below)


Besides, he is conductor of the Tiels Vocal Ensemble (





Bätz-Witte orgel 1854

from a double-concert

(recording: Eduard van


Vocal Ensemble Tiel

(recording: Wim Telleman)

Mobil carillon