Education, training

Ben Middeldorp (*1949) started with organ lessons at the age of six with Peter van Boggelen, continued the lessons from his twelfth wit Piet Kiel and during his time as a student at the teacher training college Rehoboth in Utrecht with Henk Seldenthuis.


After achieving his complete teaching certificate he studied school music at the conservatory in Utrecht with Chris Bos and organ with Stoffel van Viegen and Kees van Houten, minor subject choral conducting completed with the Kurt Thomas-course at the Hague.


In 1977 he finished his studies with the certificate for school-music and as regards organ playing with the teaching certificate B + leaving certificate Solo playing for Executive Musician.







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 of the Reformed Church  

Schaepmanstraat Tiel       

Flentrop-orgel 1951          

(my study organ from 1978-2020)   



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